elderly woman and her daughter hugging and smiling at the camera

Myths About Senior Living Communities

When you hear the words “senior living” or “retirement community,” what comes to mind? Unless you’re already familiar with contemporary senior living communities, chances are your thoughts about senior living aren’t entirely positive. But ask yourself could you be wrong?

Today’s senior living communities are a lot different from the nursing home stereotypes that may come to mind. Here are three of the most common myths about senior living, along with some good news about what your retirement living options really are.

Myth #1: I’ll lose my independence.

It’s a common, and understandable, concern for older adults. You’ve led an active, interesting life, doing things on your own who would want that to change? However, most residents will tell you that they’ve actually become more independent after moving to a community. Some reasons why include: 

No more home maintenance and chores. A maintenance-free community takes care of the interior and exterior upkeep of your residence. Your monthly fees include a host of services that free you up from those burdens. So no more shoveling snow, raking leaves, repairing drains, fixing roofs, etc. If you need appliance repairs or flooring replaced or even a lightbulb changed all you have to do is call the maintenance team and it’s taken care of. With housekeeping and flat linen laundry services frequently provided, you don’t have those things on your to-do list, either. And all that adds up to more freedom and more time for you.

Freedom to set your own agenda. Every day is full of choices. You get to decide where and what to eat. What activities to participate in. How you want to keep fit. Whether to take a daytrip or cozy up in your residence. You’re free to come and go and do exactly as you please.

Myth #2: It’s only for frail or sick people who need care.

A lot of people make this assumption. They figure they’ll choose a senior living community if they get sick, or if they need care. And you can certainly do that. But the reality is, an independent living lifestyle at a community is full of vibrancy and opportunity. With healthy meals, plenty of fitness options, and a rich social network, residents can live even better and healthier than they could on their own. Ask most residents of a community if they have any regrets about moving there, and they’ll tell you they wish they’d done it sooner. Had they known how many opportunities are available, how much more they could get out of each day, and how many new friends they could make, they would have moved in years earlier so they could have been enjoying everything that much more.

They’ll also tell you that as much as they love independent living, they’re grateful to have access to higher levels of care, such as assisted living and memory care because if there ever comes a time when they need it, it’s ready and waiting for them.

Myth #3: I’ll be bored hanging around all those “old” people.

Think senior living only offers shuffleboard and bingo? Or that residents don’t do anything interesting? You couldn’t be more wrong. Activities for seniors at a community are rich and varied. You’ll find fascinating lifelong learning opportunities, cultural events, creative classes, social gatherings, book clubs, discussion groups, spiritual circles, outdoor activities, fitness classes and so much more. In addition to the programs and activities created by the community itself, residents often form their own clubs and interest groups. You may find yourself part of a jazz band or choral group; a woodworking, train or travel club; a walking or hiking group; or as one of many volunteers serving others. And you can find like-minded residents and form your own interest group if that appeals to you. 

Does this all sound more interesting than you thought? Then you might want to learn more about the lifestyle that will be available to you at Aberdeen Ridge, and how you can reserve your future residence here.  It won’t be the kind of senior living you used to know. And it will be the kind of senior living you get to help define.