Decorated senior apartment

Fun Ideas for Decorating Your Independent Living Apartment

Are you planning a move into an independent living apartment? You’ll probably spend a fair amount of time decluttering, downsizing, and mapping out a plan to ensure your move goes smoothly. After the essential details are worked out, why not have a little fun decorating your new space? This is your chance to add personal touches that show off your style.

When you’re planning a move to a retirement community, you have the freedom to customize the space and really make it your own. With the right moves, you can create a beautiful, comfortable and stylish space that feels like home. Whether you’re starting from a blank slate or you have a vision in mind for arranging furniture and decorating your new apartment, a few tips can help bring it all together. So let’s dive in with some fun and functional decorating tips for your independent living apartment:

Customize Your Color Palette

The colors you bring into a room — from the curtains to the rugs and furniture — can set the tone in your apartment. Certain hues or groups of colors can help us feel calm, relaxed or grounded, while others can feel dark, intense or overwhelming. Neutral shades and soft colors are often preferable to bold and bright tones, but a splash of color can create visual interest and brighten up a room. Everyone responds to colors in their own way, so it’s important to find what’s right for you. 

Choose a Focal Point

Choose an element to be the focal point in your apartment, and use it to incorporate a color scheme and tie together other items in the room. It could be a large painting, decorative mirror, textured wall hanging or planter. Arranging furniture and décor around this centerpiece can provide balance and purpose to your new space.

Get Creative with Storage

A few smart and sleek storage solutions can help you stay organized and add to the visual appeal of your new apartment. Choose furniture pieces that double as storage to be efficient with your space. Hidden storage in ottomans, coffee tables and benches keep your everyday essentials accessible but out of sight. With the right closet organizing systems, you can fit more items in your closets — and find things more easily, too.

Think Vertically

When sizing up your usable space, don’t forget to look up! Make the most of the vertical space in your apartment by using the height of a room for practical purposes and visual appeal. For example, hanging curtains and artwork a few inches higher can draw the eye upward and make a space feel larger. Using wall-mounted shelving and tall bookcases can also free up floor space and maximize storage. 

Brighten up the Room

Let in natural light to make the room feel bright and airy, and use lamps and nightlights to provide the right level of lighting for reading and other tasks. Add warmth and style with wall sconces, string lights, and under-cabinet lighting.

Add Personal Touches

Create a space that’s uniquely yours by making space for the things you love. Display your grandkids’ artwork on the walls or showcase family pictures on a digital photo frame. Decorate with your favorite antique pieces, set up a cozy book nook in the corner, or add a plant stand near the window. Think about what inspires you and incorporate those elements into your new apartment.

Design a Space You’ll Love

It’s exciting to think about all the ways to arrange furniture and place rugs and artwork in an open concept senior apartment. Take measurements of the furniture you plan to bring or buy, then mark up a floor plan of each room showing where the furniture should go. Check out our Perkins 2-Bedroom Floor Plan for some inspiration — there’s a lot to love about spacious walk-in closets and a gorgeous living room that opens to a private balcony! 

At Aberdeen Ridge, our independent living floor plans are customizable to fit your needs, with a range of one- and two-bedroom apartments with comfortable layouts and beautiful finishes. Want to learn more about Aberdeen Ridge’s independent living apartments? Get in touch with our team today or check out our floor plan fit calculator. Act now and retire on the rise before construction is complete!