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What’s the Best Age to Move into Independent Living?

One of the most common questions we hear from active seniors planning their retirement is, “What’s  the best age to move into independent living?”

If you’re like many of our current residents, you may be surprised to learn that our answer is almost always, “Now!” What they’ve discovered about the best age to move into independent living is something you should know, too: Moving into an independent living community when you’re still young and active means you can enjoy all the perks the community offers for even longer!

The sooner you move in, the more you can enjoy meeting and spending time with your neighbors, the more trips you can take, and the more ways you can start enjoying the freedom of independent living.


A Move Away from Responsibility

Imagine living in a maintenance-free home, where your days are filled with the things you want to do, not what you need to do. At Aberdeen Ridge, our independent living apartments are maintenance-free inside and out, so you’re free to make each day a fresh new adventure. In fact, if you’re looking forward to seeing more of the world in your retirement years, our community — with lock-and-leave apartments in a safe, secure neighborhood — is an ideal home base for a senior looking to travel.


A Move Toward Better Health

Living in a community surrounded by your peers is good for your body and your mind. When you have a workout partner or someone to enjoy a scenic walk with through the nearby Garden of the Gods, your motivation to get moving is stronger. In the same vein, our fitness center and holistic wellness program give residents plenty of inspiration to make healthy choices on their own terms. Independent living is also a blessing for those who find themselves longing for companionship; with an entire neighborhood of potential friends, you’ll reap the physical and mental benefits of an active social life.


A Move with Financial Benefits

You may find the best age to move into independent living isn’t as much about the numbers on the calendar as the numbers in your bank account. Maintaining a home can be expensive, especially if you encounter unexpected repairs. Making a move into independent living may make more financial sense than keeping up with a house and all its demands. Once you settle on when to move to senior living, you can expect to immediately start saving by eliminating home maintenance and utility expenses. You may even be able to take advantage of tax benefits by living in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). 


A Move to Perk Up Your Lifestyle

After years of anticipation, you may be discovering that retirement isn’t quite what you expected. You may be questioning the best age to move into independent living so you can start taking advantage of the perks of an active community and living the retirement lifestyle you always imagined. Access to stunning resort-like amenities, helpful services that make life easier, and programming that promotes your well-being are all advantages of making an independent living community your home while you’re young and active.


A Move for Future Security

For some of our residents, the best age to move into independent living was when they recognized the sense of security that could come from having a plan for the future. Resident Meg Burke is one who appreciates knowing that someday, if she needs extra care, she’ll be able to get it — and afford it. She watched her parents thrive for more than two decades in a similar environment, and now she’s living a life she loves with the confidence of knowing she’s set for life.


A Move to Aberdeen Ridge

Whether you savor mountain views or feel invigorated by the energy of the city lights at night, you’ll find an apartment to suit your style within our Colorado Springs community. There’s truly something for everyone, from wine tastings and meals using the freshest homegrown ingredients to educational lectures and watch parties celebrating the Oscars. Come see how the independent living community at Aberdeen Ridge could be the perfect place to jumpstart your retirement. Call 719-286-3014 or contact us online to plan your visit.